Hey everyone! My hair is about 2-3 inches away from my tailbone and it's been getting less wavy as it grows longer. If I add product to wet hair and let it air dry undisturbed for the rest of the day it has a loose, weak wave pattern. The water weighs it down I guess? I tried diffusing with a little leave-in and lots of mousse and it didn't do much then (stringy, limp, almost-straight waves).

The only way I can get a good wave in my hair is by...

1. Braiding damp hair with a leave-in (gel/mousse too if I want less frizz) at night and taking it out in the morning (this lasts all day and longer)

2. Putting my hair in a ponytail while damp at night with leave-in and taking it out in the morning (good 2a waves with so-so clumping so I need to comb it out)

3. Combing dry hair for less tangles/frizzies and better clumps, then putting little bit of water on the canopy, scrunching, then adding gel. 2a and sometimes 2b, this comes out the best for me.

I'm sometimes unsure if my hair is still naturally wavy or just pliable. It takes forever and a day to dry. I found some low-maintenance ways to style my hair, but I'm wondering if there's a better way.

What do you long-haired wavies do to style your hair?
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.

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