Hi there if you find an understanding half decent hairdresser in Ayrshire I think I might die with excitement lol. Am going to the hairdressers on Thursday. I have since found out that the girl who massacred my hair last time has since left. I have opted for a "proper" cut and blow dry with another girl who has cut my hair in the past and am toying with the idea of the infamous "curly bob". Wish me luck and as I said if you find the lesser spotted curly hairdresser give me a holler.
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Low Poo Skin shop Dry Scalp shampoo and conditioner ..

Leave in Anita Grant Whipped Butter
Styling Boots Curl Creme, AVG ,CK Anita Grant Cafe Latte .

Wanting to try EVERYTHING lol ok Donna Marie Honey and Aloe Gel, KCCC, KCKT KBB leave in conditioner

Occasionally using Rhassoul Clay