This is the third time I've had the Coppola Keratin treatment done. I absolutely love it! My hair looks so much healthier - I started off with really dry, damaged, overprocessed hair (too much highlighting and straightening). My hair is fine and gets very frizzy/curly in humidity. If I had nice curly hair I would wear it that way - but I just don't.

I was so nervous the first time I had it done that I called a few of the salon's other clients who also raved. I had done Japanese straightening before and that led to breakage so I was scared.

I think the first time if you have super damaged hair it might not last as long, but the more you get it done the longer it lasts. My hair stays straight in humidity if I straighten but I can also wear it wavy and it stays put. Also, it cuts my styling time down so dramatically I am no longer a slave to the heardryer. Even in this economy it is worth it to me just for the time I am saving and the freedom from styling. It looks healthier too.

I didn't notice any fumes or any negative side effects except looking a bit skanky by the third day of not washing my hair after getting the treatment.

I would recommend my Salon. Ask for Eli.

Deja Vous
38 W. 56th Street