I know, I spend lots of time picking up the pin and curling the hair around my finger and then the next thing I know she's playing with it and screaming: hair, hair, hair (loooool)
I have no idea if you can find coconut oil in Target, my husband got it for us from a whole food store, it was 8$ and the bottle is huge it lasts for ever. I know that you can find all kind of good oils in ethnic stores for much cheaper than whole foods (we're new here and we don't know any yet).
Good luck
A Mediterranean 3b lady
In love with my curls, love love love
CG since Nov/07

Co-Wash: VO5, Tresemme naturals, Fructis naturals
Cond: Nature's Gate conditioners
Stylers: Lotions made at home with coconut oil, honey, AVG, vegetable glycerin, OO, and EO.
Gel: LA Looks sports gel for high humidity days.

Hair goal: Waist length healthy curls