Alright ladies, here's what I found so fat. Not a whole lot of information on Amla out there. The most useful info came from LHCF. There is a thread on there from 2005 on the use of Amla to thicken, defrizz, curl, tone down the red in henna, etc. Here's the link to it

Frizzculrs, I have my henna in the hair closet with all my other goodies. The one I bought said to mix it the night before applying it to my hair, but I didn't follow the directions.

Eyesthatlie, from what I'm reading, you can steep it and use the tea to rinse your hair or make a paste with it, which is what I did. I prepared it pretty much the same way I would henna and let it sit for about 1 hour. Over the weekend, I'll let it sit longer, maybe even overnight and see if that makes it even better. I'm using the powder. I used the oil from Dabur in the past but the results were decent, not at all comparable to using the oil.

If you can find a local market, then buy it from them and try it before making a large financial investment on FNWL. Catherine at recommends its use for enhanhing curls and added a shine to them
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