my baby girl has very fine and very curly hair as well. ive gotten the most out of her hair by finding products that work and by protecting her curls. oils are too heavy for her and leave her hair greasy so i stay away from those. im having alot of success with california baby calming conditioner (as a regular conditioner and as a leave in) combined with curly hair solutions curl keeper. kinky curly curling custard also works well to keep her curls frizz free. she has a satin-y pillow that she sleeps with, but i also have her crib lined with a satin sheet because she doesnt stayon the pillow. and ive placed a satin scarf in her carseat so that her hair doesnt rub on the back of it. the addition of the scarf in the carseat made a huge difference. my little girl doesnt get in the tub every day either, so like generosityt, i use headbands and hair clips to style her hair.