What language are you interpreting?
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I am learning to do spanish court interpreting.

What language are you interpreting?
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I'm curious, too! Also, I assume you're in graduate level - what was your major as an undergrad to lead into this? What kind of schooling do you do to become an interpreter? Your career direction is fascinating!
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Thanks! I am currently going to a vocational school that teaches only interpretation. It is a very good school. About 98% of all interpreters in southern california/la area are from the school. I only have some college education. But all you need is an ability to speak two languages well and the ability to learn all the new words that you never knew existed. (I've decided that very few people who speak spanish know all of the legal terms that we are learning, so at the end, you end up feeling like you don't even speak spanish! )

I love the training and the idea of being in a career that I can help people and that really won't ever become unnecessary, I figure I can't lose. Orange County courts are hiring and the pay is extremely good in this area. I can even do contract work doing all sorts of interesting different things anywhere in the state. I could (theoretically) decide to visit my sister in San Fran and pick up a few shifts a the local court house.... i love that!

Though it may sound like it, I'm really not trying to be snarky, but can't you just use a dictionary to select random words? Or is it that you need someone else to submit words so that you won't know ahead of times what the words are so you'll have to translate them on the fly?
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I could (...and am...) use random words through the dictionary, but I thought that the 'on the fly' of someone elses list would always keep me guessing as to what was next. I tends to get a little predictable about what words I use, so I figure I could broaden my vocabulary and practice at the same time. There are words that someone else may think of that I would just never would have.

But I didn't think it was a snarky comment, I figured I'd get it eventually.

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