Hopefully this will be a good thread on haircutting techniques.

I am interested in how your hair was cut either by a stylist or self-cut (when you liked the results!!). What were the actual techniques used? Did the stylist or you just take individual curls and snip them randomly?

There doesn't seem to be alot of information out there except from what I was able to gleam from the CurlyGirl book where she takes individual curls and shapes your hair, splits clumps of curls and clips one group shorter.

I've seen some videos on the web of a layered hair cut but always they are using models with stick straight hair!

I've tried cutting my own hair using the "bend over, flip all of your hair over and cutting straight across". While the results are not bad, it's not exactly what I want. That method produces horizontal layers, which if cut too short would result in the dreaded pyramid effect!

I was looking at the picture for Batia & Aleeze. I am not sure who the person is with the shorter cut, but I love it and would like to have my hair cut like that which prompted this thread.

It would be great if NaturallyCurly.com did a series of articles of haircutting techniques and showed pictures!

Anyway, here's hoping we have some great discussions on this topic.