What worked for me yesterday and gave me great 2nd day hair today was scrunching with a towel after I rinsed out my conditioner. Then while still in the shower I combed some KBB Nectar through upside down and scrunched that in. Then out of the shower, I applied Ohm SHP like mystery's video (I also like to see what I'm doing when I use this method) and plopped, then after plopping scrunched in a little gel. Worked really well. My hair was still wet enough when I got out of the shower even after all of that to still get plenty of the "squishing" sound when scrunching product in. I think this might work even better for me with the KCCC since it really seems to hold the water in longer than other products - might cut down on the drying time.
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With some minor variations, I do the same thing. With all other products, I scrunch out water with a towel *after* all the products are in, but with KCCC, I put in my leave-in, scrunch out water with a towel, and then squish in some KCCC (usually mixed with a bit of BRHG). As msgiblet points out, KCCC tends to hold on to a lot of water, so unless you want to wait four hours for your hair to dry, it's a good idea to get a bunch of water out before applying the KCCC.

I'm eager to hear if you like this stuff, CurliLocks!
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