Yep, Sandra needs a piece of humble pie. She and Nnenna (from a previous cycle) have a similar arrogance.

I really love Fo! and Aminat does have fierce hair. Her body, too... 6'1" plus 4" heels and her proportions are bangin. Girl is hot!!

Oh, and the girl who they say has "windtunnel" face; I think it's Teyona. I really like her for some reason and I feel like she's going to fly under the radar until the competition is almost over, a lot like how Nyema was.

Others to watch: London (really strange/interesting proportions), Allison (she's soooo odd looking!!), Jessica (gorgeous, but it's just not showing in her pictures yet!).
Not all who wander are lost.

Fine and thin 3a. PW: curls