Soooo... I guess this isn't the thread to ask if you want me to ship you all the products that aren't working for me, huh?

( C'mon... you know you want 'em...)

Seriously though, I will tell you this much - my sister had one like that way back in the day. Now, the neck of the thing is adjustable, but you have to have the exact, perfect height table/desk/counter to begin with, because it'll only go up and down so far. Plus, I seem to remember hers toppling over every time she shifted.
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I've had one, not this particular one obviously, for 20 years or more, but I never use it because of everything LisaF1163 says - it can be very hard to find the right seat and surface for the dryer. It's just too much trouble, plus even once perfectly positioned, it gets the top good and dry but if your hair's more than collar length, it doesn't get the length at all - same as happens to me if they try to put me under one at the salon.

One salon I've gone to has a halo dryer that moves around your head without blowing your hair around. That or strategically placed infra-red lights works much better if hair has any length at all.

About the only thing they're really good for, IMHO, is clipping hair up so that it's inside the helmet and sitting under it for a bit for DT's or for hair color/henna/indigo absorption. I don't even get it out for that very often. It's easier just do put on a plastic cap and move the radiant heat hand dryer over it for a few minutes.
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