Wow! Gorgeous hair ladies! I thought I was a 3b, but--when it's not frizzy or crunchy--my hair looks a lot like k_vssy's. So... I'm wondering if I'm really a 3a. Hmmm, I wonder...the hair by my face and the hair underneath all turn to ringlets when properly moisturized though.

Here are my pics. The 1st two pics were taken in February--while I was still using sulfates and silicones. The last two I took this evening.

Ok, I can't get my pics to post (help, anyone?), so here's the link to my picasa.

I'm also thinking of going CG again. I tried 2 years ago, but my hair was LOTS shorter (chin length), and just looked greasy all the time. I definitely DON'T want that to happen again. Do you think that ditching the 'poo would help define my curls better?
Hair type: Fine, thick/dense, low porosity 3AŚwith 3B mixed in.

My hair hates protein & LOVES honey!

Condish: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition
Styling: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel
Tools: Curls Like Us Curl Cloths, denman, finger-diffuser

CG since March 17th 2009!