Anyone else get a 'plastic coating' feel to their hair w/ KCCC? KCKT was not in stock when I bought the KCCC so I've been using Aubrey Organics (honeysuckle rose) as a leave-in under it.

My hair is incredibly coarse, with a bizarre mix of frizzy/coarse/coily chunks and somewhat smooth/wavy chunks and kinky/coarse/straight chunks. Best results thus far come from adding handfuls of conditioner-mixed-with-oil and no protein. Still, no matter what combo I try, the best I can do is get about 3/4 through the day before everything gets dry, dull, and did I mention dry? Curl dissipates and I look like I just got out of bed. sigh. How DO you all get those smooth, glossy curls?????

Anyway, it seems that KCCC is bringing me closer to where I want to go (as long as I put a moisturizing leave-in underneath and a gel on top or mixed in) .... except I can't STAND this plastic-y feeling!!! SOTC (with or without a bit of oil, or Jane Carter Nourishing & Shine) only succeeds in pulling out more curl, and it gets dull again.

Am I the only one???? Any suggestions????