Anyone else get a 'plastic coating' feel to their hair w/ KCCC? KCKT was not in stock when I bought the KCCC so I've been using Aubrey Organics (honeysuckle rose) as a leave-in under it.

My hair is incredibly coarse, with a bizarre mix of frizzy/coarse/coily chunks and somewhat smooth/wavy chunks and kinky/coarse/straight chunks. Best results thus far come from adding handfuls of conditioner-mixed-with-oil and no protein. Still, no matter what combo I try, the best I can do is get about 3/4 through the day before everything gets dry, dull, and did I mention dry? Curl dissipates and I look like I just got out of bed. sigh. How DO you all get those smooth, glossy curls?????

Anyway, it seems that KCCC is bringing me closer to where I want to go (as long as I put a moisturizing leave-in underneath and a gel on top or mixed in) .... except I can't STAND this plastic-y feeling!!! SOTC (with or without a bit of oil, or Jane Carter Nourishing & Shine) only succeeds in pulling out more curl, and it gets dull again.

Am I the only one???? Any suggestions????
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Hi. Well, i'm still pretty new to the whole CG thing so others might be of more help, but all this week i have been thinking how GR8 KCCC is for my hair. It is the only thing i have used so far that has left my hair super glossy and has left me with better curls. I was struggling for a bit to find somethign that worked and i am happy i did, but i hate that it hasnt worked for you! My hair is also coarse and it is naturally 3C- but recently i had been getting 3B- 2C results!!! KCCC has given me my 3C back! The combo that i found works best is One Conditioner from Devacurl as a leave in and this on top! I havent really played around with it too much but this is my best combo. i also have CK (Curl Keeper) to use when it gets warmer out in the east coast. But One Conditioner and just KCCC (no additional gel) has left my hair super glossy!!!! AND TRUST ME my hair is crazy dry! My only con is the crunchiness! Good luck!
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i has no hair type? (medium, f-iii), normal porosity, LOW elasticity.
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