My hair is incredibly coarse, with a bizarre mix of frizzy/coarse/coily chunks and somewhat smooth/wavy chunks and kinky/coarse/straight chunks. Best results thus far come from adding handfuls of conditioner-mixed-with-oil and no protein. Still, no matter what combo I try, the best I can do is get about 3/4 through the day before everything gets dry, dull, and did I mention dry? Curl dissipates and I look like I just got out of bed. sigh. How DO you all get those smooth, glossy curls?????

Anyway, it seems that KCCC is bringing me closer to where I want to go (as long as I put a moisturizing leave-in underneath and a gel on top or mixed in) .... except I can't STAND this plastic-y feeling!!!
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Your hair sounds exactly like mine - in texture, in the way it behaves, in the curls just quitting on you halfway through the day.

Today was my first day with KCCC mixed with ArcAngell, and I got great results. My conditioner/leave in was OneC, which isn't as heavy as AOHR. I tend to only use AOHR if I'm VERY dry, as it really weighs down my curl, so be careful how much of that you're using with KCCC.

Hi. Well, i'm still pretty new to the whole CG thing so others might be of more help, but all this week i have been thinking how GR8 KCCC is for my hair. It is the only thing i have used so far that has left my hair super glossy and has left me with better curls. <snip> But One Conditioner and just KCCC (no additional gel) has left my hair super glossy!!!! AND TRUST ME my hair is crazy dry! My only con is the crunchiness! Good luck!
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Same here, except for no additional gel. I have glossy, well formed curls with KCCC. Sometimes it's just a matter of how you put it in, which I hear can be trial and error.
KCCC does not always play well with oil heavy leave-ins. I'd use a lighter leave-in and see what that does.
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Yeah, like I mentioned, I've had my issues with AOHR being too heavy, and I have really dry hair. OneC conditioned my hair enough, and seems to be working well today with the KCCC/ArcAngell combo. I don't know if it'll keep working for me (products have a tendency to quit on me after a few days to a week), or how KCCC will work if I do the occassional switch to AOWC once in a while. I guess we'll see!

I wonder if the plasticy feel you're experiencing is from how you're using it. Are you working it all through your hair? Maybe using too much? From what I've been told - and I'm very new to KCCC also - there's a bit of a learning curve for how to use it. That may be why it feels weird to you, so keep experimenting, because it seems like really great stuff! Good luck!
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