Wow, what great and thorough responses!

Good question about how I'm using it.... tried the 'scrunch' method, tried raking, also tried just trying to lightly 'coat' in sections (I guess that's kind of like raking?), tried combing through. I'm pretty sure it's the actual product and not the method - although from some of the posts I've read about this product I shouldn't be too convinced of that!!

The AOHR is something new for me, over the years the only thing I've found to work consistently is if I mix about 1/2 cup of olive oil into a large bottle of suave (vanilla floral is the latest) and use that as my leave-in. TONS of it - if I don't get a coating on every section of hair then all it does is fluff out - no curl formation (no matter what else I use with it!)

So far, there's been no such thing as 'getting weighed down' for me in terms of volume. To get curls (and only SOME chunks will curl - some stay straight/smooth, some straignt/coarse and some wavy) I really need something that heavy. I do know when I hit the 'used too much KCCC' stage because the parts that usually go into coils get TOTALLY and crazily coiled, and the parts that are straighter get SUPER straight and won't blend in at all.

If it wasn't so frustating it'd be funny. Even my "curl expert" hair stylist is totally baffled by this mess. I seriously think when I got made I must have gotten all the leftovers from everyone else's hair!!!! =)

I just now ordered the KCKT (and a new tub of the KCCC) and will give that a go.