When I first used KCCC a couple of years ago that's what it felt like to me too! But I began to use it again about a year and a half ago with a leave-in conditioner beneath and I love it. Any of the below conditioners work as a leave in for me. I also scrunch a butter-type product on my ends. When dry my hair feels silky and smooth. There is some crunch that is easily scrunched out. And 99.9% of the time I get second and even third day hiar.

Conditioners I can leave in:
Knot Today
Abba Nourishing (like Knot Today)
Mop Top Daily conditioner
Deva Blonde OneC
Curl Junkie Honey Butta leave in
Robert Craig
John Masters (mostly rinsed out)
Suave Naturals
Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk
CHE Hello Hydration
Beauty Without Cruelty leave-in

Pretty long list.
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