See, this is the very reason I lurk most of the time instead of posting.

I used it as a freakin' example and both of you know that and know exactly what I meant.

Carry on.
Originally Posted by Peppy

I assumed that you wanted to get in a point that you believe that people who don't like the police don't like them because they break the law, and to relate that to people disliking banks. What else would I think you mean? Was I not supposed to comment at all on your example? Then why use it? How did that become you "taking the bait" when you brought it up? And now you want to play the martyr and claim Phoenix and I are the bad guys when I'm pretty sure YOU know we aren't unconditional supporters of the police?

If I wanted to be as petty as you are being, I could assume that you brought it up to try and revive old arguments from months or weeks ago and imply that anyone who doesn't unconditionally support the cops is a law-breaker. But I just took it as an example, that nonetheless was open for debate.
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