I go back to Riley's point that banks are businesses. When you open an account, you're made aware of the fees associated with that account. If they update the terms and you don't like them, then close the account. Hating the bank is irrational.
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I agree. I hated my previous bank because they did what someone mentioned about holding deposits for days. They'd do this even if it was a cash deposit made at the teller window. I got fed up opened up my account with another bank and dropped them. Simple as that.

Luckily I am able to keep track of my purchases. Even if I couldn't, I can't see how you (GY) can bounce 2, 3, even 4 checks all at once. I mean if you know that you put in say 600.00. I would think you look at the amounts of your purchases and have a ball park figure of what you've spent.

Maybe itíll help if you
1- make a list of all automatic payments and when they come out of your account.

2-If you are bad with keeping receipts, Keep a notebook in your purse and write each and every purchase you make with your debt card or check.

3- Give yourself an allowance for your everyday splurges like coffee or smokes. It's easier than having to keep track of a lot of small purchases.

4- I know some folks live paycheck to paycheck. But, even a 20.00 cushion can help. Thatís what I have on mine.

5- Others have mentioned overdraft protection. I have mine linked to my savings. I donít plan on using it, but itís there for emergency purposes.

I know it doesn't help with the fees you have at the moment. But I'm just trying to help.
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