I was very disappointed with amla.

When I used it, I mixed a little under 100g with chamomile tea and some honey and applied it to my hair. It was very gritty, but I loved the way my hair looked while it was in; when I use henna it weighs my hair frizzy straight, but with amla I had cute miniature but deep waves all over like someone had went through my hair with a crimper.

I was only gonna leave it on for a 1/2 hour, but I ended up leaving it on for almost 2 hours, IIRC, which was probably too long in hindsight. When I rinsed (which I didn't find too difficult despite the grit) my hair felt STRIPPED. It was also mad droopy. It felt a little stronger when I pulled it but not by much.

I made a thread about it on here and a lot of posters were like "You shouldn't use amla on its own!", unlike with henna. But prior and subsequent to that it seemed that that was exactly the way most people were using it on other sites. I put it down to the fact that my hair doesn't take well to very acidic products and it seems amla was no exception to that rule.

In the weeks that followed, I noticed I had a lot more split ends and I think this could be very likely down to the amla.

OTOH, it is the SUPREME exfoliator. I'm just not sure I would ever put it in my hair again, except as part of a tea or an oil infusion.

BTW, I used the Hesh kind.