I think I'm perfectly entitled to hate both paypal and the bank that screwed me. Paypal made a mistake and I ended up paying for it because of the bank's manner of assessing overdrafts. Yes, I was familiar with the fee for overdrafts. No where was it explained that I would be charged for an overdraft that existed for less than a full minute, and that once the repeated fees for this 59-second overdraft put me into a real overdraft, I would be charged more and more. I also had to spend tons of my valuable time contacting paypal and the bank, and I had to go into the bank in person to close my account. At the time, the bank told me that if paypal initiated any transaction within the 2 weeks AFTER I closed my account, I would immediately go into overdraft again--even though my account was closed--and be charged fees again. How fair is that?

The end result is that I closed the account with the bank that, yes, I hate, and I pretty much refuse to use paypal.

I have absolutely no trouble managing my finances. I always know exactly where I am with my money and accounts. Why shouldn't I hate a business that penalizes me for something I didn't do in the first place?

And if it's all in the name of business, why do we have to bail banks out and why aren't they paying for their mistakes? I'd like to hit them with some service charges.
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Ding ding ding! You have every reason to hate a business that penalizes you for something you didn't do in the first place. It's the hating of an entire industry because said industry penalizes you for something you did do.

The kicker is that we all, as consumers, pay for the people who can't manage their finances (or choose not to manage them). I am personally very angry that I have to pay for the people that overdraft their accounts and don't make their loan payments. I'm angry for Myradella that she has to pay for the people that aren't making their credit card payments to Capital One (different thread). Every time somebody declares bankruptcy, we pay for it. I think if more people were outraged about the abuse that has occurred on both sides of the banking issue, we might not be in such a bad mess right now.
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YES! I completely agree.