I think there is a difference between not opposing a government law and in personally agreeing with something as well. I agree that civil marriage laws should not be based on peoples' religious beliefs or prejudices. Religious marriage laws are up to the authorities and the members of the religion in question. What people personally feel about the issue may not reflect what the government is doing, or what the religion is doing, however. This discussion seems to be focus on changing civil marriage laws and on that issue it is difficult to find a legitimate objection to why it should not be done, but there may well be personal objections or discomfort with it.
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I agree entirely with you. Even as I realize that we stand on opposite sides on this issue (if i recall from another thread. If i'm mistaken I'm sorry).

I think that people who argue religious reasons, should make sure that their church does not sanctify same sex marriages and stop thinking that religion has any place in law.

As a gay woman who does not have the right to marry, I can't imagine how my being married to another woman that I love imacts anyone. I am deeply hurt that I live somewhere that tells me that I somehow shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else. I pay taxes and I work hard. Why can't I have the same legal rights?

If the catholic church doesn't want to marry me, on the other hand, their right. I won't get married there.

I just don't see how my being married hurts or affects anyone else. Especially if its *ok* for me to have a civil union. Why does my calling myself married hurt you (gy)?

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