I love the beach, but dislike tanning intensely. So, I don't bake. I wear hats and sunglasses and I play in the surf a lot, and when I'm done with the water, I sit under an umbrella. I walk and collect shells too. I don't spend all day there...a couple hours and I'm done. The best thing about a beach vacation is the evening ocean breeze when you're on your way out to dinner. Drinking in an evening ocean breeze is fun too.

I HATE snow sports. Too cold. Skiing is stupid to me.
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I agree essentially with all of this, although I can stay longer than a couple of hours as long as it's not too hot and I have an umbrella or other shelter.

I like the idea of snow and looking at it better than the actuality. Have never really done any snow sports other than sledding/toboganning, and a little bit of that and I'm done.
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