Dude, it's just cheese. If you like it, eat it. It's got lovely protein and calcium. It's hard to eat too much protein...it's the other stuff (simple/processed carbs) you eat that puts on weight.
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OK I need to Delurk to comment on this because I just died a little inside. TOO MANY CARBS DOES NOT PUT ON WEIGHT!!! THis is a HUGE myth, too many calories PERIOD causing a positive energy balance (More energy intake than output) is what causes weight gain PERIOD. Carbs includes things like Veggies, Fruits, Brown Rice etc. You eat a low Carb diet you will get dehydrated, lose muscle mass (due to the need to get glycogen from somewhere which causes your body to look for it in your muscles) and possibly cause a condition called ketoacidosis. It IS possible to get too much protein and when you have exceeded your limit it gets stored as fat since you don't store protein, excess protein does NOT turn into muscle mass. I wouldn't worry about consuming too much just stay away from protein supplements. Carbs should be 45-65% of your daily intake of calories. Any less than this and I guarantee you will feel sluggish/tired and will not be able to work out to your full extent. Sigh, that is all. Can you tell I just finished Nutritional sciences midterms.
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Oooo...chill, Dr. Nej. I'll amend my post to say SIMPLE carbs. Better?

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Haha yea I kinda freaked out there. I work in an industry where these kind of myths make my life VERY hard. Just one of those things that gets my hackles up ya' know? Simple carbs makes a difference if it's crammed with fat & sugar but it's still calories in vs calories out.