Haha. thanks ladies. Feta it is tonight. I cant locate fat free feta here , but tons with spices in them.
By the way here is Asia. Im just dying for some tomatoes with few drops of oilive oil and some feta cheese. dont know if there is any name to that!
Here is what i want to do soon:

Prawns With Feta Cheese

About 40 whole tiger prawns
500g feta cheese
1 glove of garlic (diced into small small pieces)
1 onion (diced into small pieces)
some olive oil
a few leaves of parsley
1 grated tomato
1 glass white wine

Clean and prepare the prawns.

Put them in a large pot with water (covering them) and a little bit of salt. Let them boil until they get cooked and become nice and pink.

In the mean time put a frying pan with some olive oil on the stove.

Once the oil is warm put the garlic and the onion and fry them until most of them are red.

Then add the tomato and stir all together for 1-2

Transfer the cooked prawns into the frying pan with the tomato, onion and garlic and stir them all together.

Put a cup of the water you boiled the prawns in into the frying pan and also add the wine. Add salt and paper according to preference

Stir them all together and let them boil for about 5 minutes until they all seem to come together. Add more "prawn water" and wine according to preference.

Now add the feta cheese and the parsley. Let them cook for a while with the feta and parsley on top and then stir them all together.

Let them cook for a while and once the feta has melted and the sauce seems to be gaining a white colour remove from the stove.

Serve with rice or noodles
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