Hilarious! I liked the way the receptionist had trouble keeping a straight face.

(I hate it when people touch my hair, too. Sometimes I literally have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "You're going to mess it up!" It's just so...intrusive.)
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I do too, but in my experience it's more likely to be a black person. It has happened to me--and then the woman pulled out her hand like "Oh! That's really your hair." I think she was expecting a weave.
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thats happened to me before. not cool. and i usually do say, "cut it out youre going to mess up my hair!," as im bobbing and weaving trying to avoid their hand.
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She was too quick for me. We had just been introduced and the next thing I knew, her hand was knuckle deep in my hair.

I really do get wanting to touch people's hair, but at least get to know me, ask permission or buy me a drink first!