Bad makeovers!

My favorites haven't changed much since the photos came out: Sandra, Celia, Natalie (in that order). Of the three, the only one whose personality I like is Celia, but I still think Sandra and Natalie are very pretty, especially Sandra. Sandra's *****iness seems fake, like she's acting for the show. There's something insincere about it, like Monique's *****iness (the girl who rubbed her underwear on other girls' beds).

Aminat: I was surprised that was a weave! She looked better with the fro. Her makeover was ho-hum.

Sandra: AWFUL. WHY??

London: Not sure it was the best for her, but it looks OK. I think short was a good idea, not totally convinced about the color.

Natalie: seriously? I think that was a cop out.

Celia: She looked great before, and she looks great after. I'm glad they kept her a blond.

Teyona: ???? Jheri curl??

Fo: the best makeover.

All of the other makeovers weren't memorable to me, I guess.

I was glad they sent Jessica home and I thought it was hilarious that she still didn't get it, insisting that she's prettier than some of the girls that are still on the show.
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Yeah, she's kind of delusional. They always seem to cut a "girl who rests on pretty" early in the season.
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