Why can't you get them where you are? I order them whenever we go to a diner. Egg-white Greek omelets (spinach and feta). Yum!
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There aren't diners down here-at least locally...I never asked at a Denny's or similar type place...but I guess I can make my own-never thought about doing it. CGNYC-that recipe looks yummy!
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I can be so provincial at times. It never occurred to me that there aren't diners in other parts of the country. It could be a NY or northeast thing.

But as you posted, you could totally make these at home and it would be just as delicious.
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There are diners all over the south too but they do serve a little bit different menus. I've been able to find feta omelets at a bunch of breakfast type places all over Texas and the Midwest.

Mmm I just had a greek salad for lunch with lots of feta and kalamata olives.
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