There's just an obsession with straight hair in the USA everywhere you look. My former boyfriend wanted me to straighten and blonde my hair for his father who hated Jewish women. I love having curly hair, I love red hair, my color may change due to age but I won't straighten because my identity is not wasp. I'm happy sitting next to Latin women and knowing we have something in common, natural assets, big butts and curly hair!

Funny story: In Boston I saw two women walking down the street both with stick straight bleached blonde hair, grey pants, white shirts and black sunglasses. They looked like they were together or twins and then they walked separate ways.

Typical of how everyone wants to look the same.
At my hairdressers every single model in Allure this month was blonde, stick straight, or black with blonde highlights. Zero Latin or Hispanic models.

Same with every other magazine! I looked for Eva from Desperate Houswives, or JLO or SOMEONE! with curls, red hair, or a big butt!

Every woman in Boston seems to want to be the same, stick straight hair, blonde, skinny.

I can't stand it sometimes.

But they are following the magazines.

Having naturally curly RED hair myself I practically stand alone on the streets unless I meet a girl from Latin America with red highlights or someone with a bad color job.

I refuse to straighten my hair, maybe my hair color has to change due to age but curly is beautiful and some people are racist.
Red hair is not recessive like they say, everyone in my family has some red, strawberry, copper penney, red gold, russet or reddish-brown. Red hair and gray eyes are a beautiful combination. Thank goodness for diversity.