Why do you hate the military?
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I'm guessing that we're not going to get an answer on that one. One the cop hating either. I say right now that I'm glad that I'm not a LEO in her area.
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Susan - some people just don't answer questions. If it's a hard question or one that provokes thought, they just don't answer. Frustrating isn't it?
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Oh my friggin gawd!

Usually when I say 'and that's all I gotta say about that' in a thread that means I'm finished reading it and I'm done typing in it because I done pissed somebody off and I'm not going to continue to engage. Since I left my comments simple and haven't pissed anybody off (yet) I have continued to read this thread.

The only reason why you want my answer is because you're either in the military or have a spouse/relative in the military or you're a police officer or have a relative/spouse that's a police officer. But this thread is about things that is good about America, so you casually gloss over the fact that I wrote two good things about both the police and the military (that you are the first ones I would call when there is a major problem and that you fight for our rights and freedom respectively) to engage me in a debate (soon to be argument) about why I 'hate' the police and the military? Why? What's the point? You can accept from someone else that they may not like (indeed 'hate') the police or the military but that's hard to accept from me? Why?

I am not interested in being called 'racist' or hearing defenses like 'well you don't know what police officers and military personnel have to go through and how dangerous it is for them' when I mention about police brutality, racial profiling and racial harassment. On the contrary, I do know and have discussed at length what police and military face on a daily basis. That doesn't undermine the problems and issues that both perpectuate to specific parts of the population and the population in general.

Yes I'm black. I have black children including a black son. I have a black husband, a black mother and black father, black uncles and black aunts. If you want to see and understand the relationship between blacks and the police - google it. I'm sure there will be a lot to tickle your fancy and I'm sure you'll get a lot about the NYPD and the LAPD but it's a national thing.

The military. I'll throw a couple of words at you and you can make what you want with that -
military history
current racism
current sexism
front line
recruiting tactics
a local news story about Pfc Lavena Johnson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr1iOxS2T7w
her dad was my job search training instructor. He was a military veteran himself so he's very familiar with the military and their tactics.

Asking me why I don't like the police or the military is like asking an Arab with a turban and a Muslim name why he doesn't like airport security.
Should be obvious, but I'm guessing you're white and the truth often eludes you (on purpose I'm guessing).

I've been baited. You got an answer. Hope you're happy.

And that's all I REALLY gotta say about that.
Couldn't leave well enough alone.

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