For whatever reason, lately I've been getting calls for my brother. I no longer have the same name as him, he's never lived here, has never lived in this area code and hasn't lived in this state for nearly ten years. I cannot fathom how they get my number, but they keep insisting I "get a message to him." To which I say, ain't my job, buzz off, buh bye.
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i don't know you or your brother, but it sounds like he gave them your contact info. to throw the debt collectors off of his scent.

my bil did this to us. he and his wife are notorious for running up emergency room bills and not repaying them, not paying rent and moving out just before they know an eviction notice will be issued, not paying other bills, etc.

we began to get calls almost daily and then mail from attorney's offices almost weekly. it didn't help that we didn't know their whereabouts or contact info.

i had to put my foot down though because we share the same last name, and at the time, i was planning to deliver at the same hospital where they'd created debt. i didn't want some foul-up to occur where their debt would magically appear in our account because they'd been giving out our address and phone number as their own to evade their responsibilities.

you don't need to ask if i chewed them out when we finally saw them next. they actually thought i wasn't being nice to them by not helping them shirk their financial responsibilities. some people just don't have a clue.
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Interesting. I suppose it's possible, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't even have my home number. We talk from time to time, usually on our cell phones or texting, but never on my landline. The callers usually say he gave them the number, but I mostly think that's BS since a) I'm pretty sure he doesn't have it and b) I once asked him if he'd given anyone my number and he said he didn't. And my brother is many things, including frequently kind of an ass, he's not typically a liar variety of ass. I suppose I shouldn't rule it out.
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