First, thanks, again, to everyone for all your input on this subject. It really does help to get so many different ideas and experiences.

After three different migraines in February, we may have isolated a trigger in hotdogs. DD is upset, of course, since she loves hotdogs, but this wouldn't be a problem if she didn't eat them, right?

Anyway, no real hotdogs since the third migraine, and no more migraines. I found nitrate/nitrite free hotdogs at Trader Joes this week, and now I'm a hero! (she's 13, so that won't last, but I'll take it for now)
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Great news!!!!!!!

Do she notice a difference in taste? The ones I get have to remain frozen until use. Also, they're not the best tasting dogs, according to the kiddos. I've never been to TJ's, so if you recommend them, it's worth a trip for me!