My daughter's hair was nice and soft and as she grew it has changed at different parts of her head. The hair at the front is more 3b and the back it a mixture of 3c and 4 a. At the back especially the ends are so britle and even when it's trimmed it still feels brittle. How do I deal with it? She is going to turn 10 and likes to have her hair out. The challenge is unless its flat ironed ( and even then is can still get quite knotty) it gets poofy and knotty and looks wild.
I tried the Curls line but I didn't see where it sotens the hair. By the time she comes home from school it looks dry and when she sleeps and wakes up it stiff and dry and I have add more products which means I'd be buying so much product it would too expensive.

I use the Conair hair drier with the cermaic slots to dry it most times which straightens it a bit and I use the Dark and Lovely Naturally -Almond Rain oil mist to give sheen. I part it in 4 at night and pin curl and let her sleep with a satin cap. Even so now is seem so dry. I even condition wash as well. I've started using the Aussie line. Now I'm conidering the Liquid Keratin but not sure if it really for biracial hair and is she too young to be using such products?