Funny story: In Boston I saw two women walking down the street both with stick straight bleached blonde hair, grey pants, white shirts and black sunglasses. They looked like they were together or twins and then they walked separate ways.[......]
Every woman in Boston seems to want to be the same, stick straight hair, blonde, skinny.Nat
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Don't mean to guano this thread, but I'm ITA. Check out the "party" photos in Improper Bostonian; 98% "blonde". I think it might be the strong Irish/Wasp hold on Boston. Doesn't matter what Boston suburb/neighborhood, except... maybe... for non-white ones. At work, all the field-sales women from around the country were in for a meeting, and to a woman, they were blond with highlights, low-lights, 2-toned. Whatver you could do with peroxide was represented in that room

Also, I have seen black men and women with natural red hair. Went to school with 2 of them. I'm African-Jamaican-American.
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