If you've washed that many times, I'd say it's got to be out of your hair. Does MOP have protein? It sounds more like a protein problem than anything else. I personally wouldn't wash it anymore...maybe a moisture DT and see if that helps the stiffness?
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I sprayed some 50/50 Fote Water mix and then a little DM Cocoa Hemp and my hair feels normal again. I even got some definition back. I was trying to figure out if all that No-POO and SLS was making me feel DRY or if I hadn't got rid of the build up. According to Sunshine the washing should have gotten rid of it, I think she's right! It doesn't have that spongy, dry, straw-like feeling anymore like it did while drying. I couldn't get it to feel like it had enough moisture in the shower but adding some Cocoa Hemp to dry hair made a big difference!!!
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Hooray! I'm glad the FOTE and DM helped! And I hope your hair bounces back fast!