You can either have your hair colored and highlighted the same day as the Keratin (they color first) or you will need to wait two weeks. I box colored the day before. Since the process is so expensive (and worth it) I had to give up profesional color jobs). If you do it the same day-be prepared. The Keratin alone is a long process. Mine took four hours BUT I have super long, thick, curly hair. For most it takes less time.

Wow, after hearing all these great comments I think Im going to call a salon tomorrow. I seen a stylist on this thread do a post that they are currently doing this process and after going to their site they have an intro price of only $175! (If above the shoulder, which I am) I hope when I call tomorrow they still have that intro going on!

I wanted to ask, does anyone know how long you need to wait to do this process after having my hair colored and highlighted?
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