shes absolutely adorable! i love california baby calming conditioner on my little girl. you can get it at target (in the baby care aisle) or other stores that sell natural products and i believe its around $8 a bottle. its very thick and rich, so a little goes a long way. also, it can be used as a leave in or a rinse out. that way you kill two birds with one stone!
for hold/curl definition if you have an ulta near you, i would suggest giving devacurl set it free a try. it gives a soft hold and can be used to refresh her curls for second or third day hair. aubrey organics mandarin magic jelly is a gel like product that also gives a soft hold. that can be bought at most stores that sell natural products as well. even the vitamin shoppe carries aubrey organics products. and as a 3rd option, you could try kinky curly curling custard. its kind of expensive, but a little bit of that also goes a long way. you could probably make it at least 6 months without needing to repurchase. oh and i almost forgot--regular old aloe vera gel (the kind used for sunburns)! its cheap and its effective at keeping away frizzies w/out leaving the hair stiff or hard.