[ATTACH]Curly Bobs Unite! What's to like about it.-s1175600874_30150551_6956.jpeg[/ATTACH]I agree, my hair always looked ragged when i straightened it long. I love having my hair in a STYLE as well so it's not just hanging there. I love the volume I get and I love how it looks straight. My stylist actually didn't give me a curly cut because I wanted a specific bob which was for straight hair. But she made it work for straight or curly hair and i absolutely love it.

BTW - Anyone in CT looking for a good cut, curly or straight, I HIGHLY recommend Jo Bruno in New Haven.
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Curly Bobs Unite! What's to like about it.-2651_1048381727873_1175600874_30167698_7510301_s.jpeg  
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