Aw, your daughter is a super kawaii cutie!

I second trying California Baby Calming Conditioner and the Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Hair Moisturizing Jelly. The conditioner lasts some weeks with the 4 little curly heads in my house and doubles as a good leave-in. My kids' curls & waves pop and don't tangle much with that conditoner when I allow them to wear their hair down. Even though my eldest is 9, I still use it because of the good ingredients. Aubrey's gel has nice soft hold, and it made our hair super soft when we went outside after the rains, lol. I think the Mandarin Magic gel works better than the Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel that we started off using, and it certainly smells better too, very lightly scented.

Also take a look at Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel. Got it for $7 for 8 fl oz, and so far the bottle has lasted for 3 weeks with four kids and 3 having hair past MBL. So, it's been a great find for us. Good ingredients too. That gel has worked with every leave-in I've globbed on my kids' heads and their hair ranges from 2a to 3c and it works on my 4a/4b/3c hair too. Doesn't leave hair crunchy or crisp. With our conditioners sometimes there's little white balls when applying and smoothing thru hair, but that disappears quickly as hair dries. My son has all the 3 range of curls plus some 2c and has a patch of hair on crown that always gets frizzy, but Kiss My Face Upper Management over a leave-in or even coconut oil has cut the frizz down dramatically as well as helped keep his curls nice even after lenghty karate tournaments.

I was so impressed with Kiss My Face's gel that I'm now trying Kiss My Face Obsessively Natural Kids line that's being favorably displayed at Whole Foods right now. We picked up their Kids Detangler and also their Kids Shampoo & Conditioner 2 n 1. Great ingredients. I really, really hope this line works for them because of the ingredients and the price. Plan to use them tomorrow, so I'll drop a line here to let you know how it works.

You can also try Jane Carter Nourish & Shine for helping with smoothing hair, adding shine and softness. it's a blend of 4 butters including shea and mango with vitamins A, D & E. I use this mostly for my daughter who has some porous spots in her 3b/3c spiral curls and my son who gets the crazy frizz in his 3c corkscrew curls areas. It really helps with the type of goofy frizz and slight dryness they get in those areas, as it's good at keping in moisture (after you put in a leave-in or on damp hair). I only use a little bit because I find their hair doesn't like thick buttery products to be applied heavily.

I also dig Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra Smoothing Conditioner and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner as rinse outs, bases for deep treatments, and leave-ins when watered/aloe juiced down. But, perhaps your cutie is a little young for the type of oils in those conditioners. So, it's something to keep in mind for trying when she's over 2 or 3.
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Sometimes: AOMM Jelly, KCNT, KCCC

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