IT rocks! It funks! IT is not like any other album out there. He and Timballand really did a unique dancey, rocky, soully, bluesy album.

I have loved Chris' music since Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo projects. The man can really do no wrong in my ears because he is a wonderful singer and has many influences. I am "po'd a bit because some fans are turning on him because of the direction of this new album. Prince, Bowie and Sting have all done different styles of music and heck Rob Zombie has always had danceable funky rock. I would just encourage people to go out and buy the CD and listen to it a few times. It really is killa!!

Also, Chris has grown out his is looking righteous with the curls and waves. We have tickets to see him in BOSTON!!! He sold out the first day!!