Cyndi, I like the hair style. I'm getting my hair cut at Devachan on Saturday and I may ask for a style like that. My hair is much curlier's than Keri's though and one thing that I'm worried about is the maintance. With a cut like that, I think you would have to get it cut more frequently to keep it looking good. I have a baby and frequent haircuts are not on my agenda at the moment.

Another thing is that my hair looks like crap on the 2nd day. Right now, I can put it in a ponytail or pigtails and get away with it. With a short cut, I feel I would have to "do" my hair every single day. Anyway, I am going to talk it over with Carlos and see what he says.

If you have the Curly book, there is another pic of Keri on page 20. There, her hair seems much curlier than in the pic that you have here.

Please keep us posted as to your decision!!! Good luck and have fun!
Mrs. SpanishCurls 3b/c