I AM a brunette, and if you dont want to go out and buy banana baby food i would jsut make sure to puree or liquify like I said. If you use a blender it works great or i used my hand tool that has a blade atatchment like a blender.

ALSO. It takes alot of coffee to dye your hair. You would need to rinse your hiar in coffee 15-20 times and let is sit for 15 minutes for it to dye your hair. SO blondes beware. but in this recipe yoru only using 1/4 cup in a large amount of batter. But you can use less if you would like.

Also redheads shouldnt beware. I dont need to worry to much about darkening your hiar. As coffee doesnt persay dye jsut tint. but coffee is known to make red overtones that redheads have more vibrant.
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