Her name is Myriam Fares, she's a Lebanese singer, very famous in the Arab world. She's always wearing her hair curly. She has nothing special as an artist but her hair is what made her famous. I know it is man made most of the time but she has a nice curly texture.
I love the length and her haircuts too. And let's not talk about the colors, I just love them. And guess what? I hate her voice, her songs and video clips but I like to watch them just so I can see her hair
I couldn't upload this second picture, but she's my hair twin in this one http://images.google.com/imgres?imgu...a%3DN%26um%3D1
And that's my hair length goal too.
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Wow...if she is your hair twin, I am soooooo jealous of you. Her hair is gorgeous.
Hair: 2a or 3a (not sure), very porous and fine as frog hair
Day 1: Cowash and condition with AO GPB, ACV Rinse,
Co-Kra gel (this stuff is fantastic)

Day 2: KCKT, KCCC, plop, KCCC, plop again, air dry
Day 3: Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Coil Jam
Day 4: IAGirl's PT, KBB DT, FSG

Co-Kra gel is my own concoction of okra boiled in coconut milk. It is a cross between FSG and KCCC and leaves my hair very soft and shiny