Luthien wrote: "Do people really not consider it rude to just bust out with 'Are you Jewish?'"

I can top that... People often don't even hazard a guess when it comes to my heritage. I've been randomly asked, "So, what are you?!" sooo many times! Just totally out of the blue. I usually don't even realize at first that I'm being asked about my heritage. A few times it was definitely meant derisively, but I guess people can just be clueless and nosy. I don't even look very "mixed" or anything (in my opinion). I mean, I don't have East Asian features with naturally red hair, like one girl I knew. As I've noted before on this thread, I come from several Jewish ethnicities. The fact that there *are* quite a few Jewish ethnicities makes the whole "You look Jewish" thing even more ridiculous. Anyway, at least we more-enlightened people are given ample opportunity to feel righteous indignation...right?