How curly/what type is your hair? Depending on the degree of curl, maybe coconut cream relaxer or something to elongate and loosen, followed by KCCC, mostly scrunched out once dry - just not all that grease of the original true Jheri Curl. When MJ's hair caught on fire making the Pepsi commercial that time, wasn't it when he used to wear it all Jheri Curled and drippy with grease?

Maybe some who actually had one or at least knew something about them back in the day will chime in.
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That sounds about right. *cringe* Poor guy.

Anyway, I think anyone wanting to get the look would do well to update their products. I doubt you could even find the old school stuff these days, but I really don't know. Maybe try some more natural oils, like jojoba or something?

Good luck! I hope you can get what you're looking for!

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