Are you sure Szohr's character on Gossip Girl is of Ukrainian descent? Her character's last name Abrams sounds like it's of English origin, not Slavic. Is her character of partial Ukrainian descent? If so, I don't remember that ever being mentioned or denoted, and I've watched every episode of Gossip Girl. The reason I also think her African ancestry is a giveaway is because of her very kinky curls, as well as her slightly broad nose, and the complexion added on top of that just made her look too ethnically ambiguous to pass for pure European in my opinion.

Yes, I am very familiar with the fact that Europeans can range in darker skin hues, especially Slavs and Mediterraneans. My mother is Brazilian, but her ancestral background is entirely Portuguese, and Portuguese folk are steoreopically viewed as being swarthy (think Nelly Furtado and James Franco), just like with Italians, Greeks, and Spaniards. My mother is pasty pale like a Northern European, and most people assume she is a Northern European foreigner when they come across her, her brother is even paler with baby blonde hair, so they definitely disprove the stereotype of all Mediterraneans being swarthy.

Guillermo del Toro is also prime example of a person of Mediterranean background with a pale complexion. Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican director, famous for directing the Hellboy films and Pan's Labyrinth to name a few:

You see, a person can't look Mexican, since Mexican is not a race, but merely a nationality, but I guess you mean Mila Kunis can pass for a Mexican in the sense she looks like the stereotypical image of one. Guillermo del Toro, is Mexican, and as anyone can see, he's white, and that's because he falls under the 9% of Mexicans that are of predominantly or entirely European background, in his case being of Spanish descent, hence the last name.

I concur with you on Olga Kurlyenko. When I found out both her parents were Slavs a while ago, I was really surpised. I expected her to be at the least East Asian.
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I understand what your saying people look at you and already think they know your background. Happens to me everyday of my life. I have tight 3c curls and dark skin but my mom is 3/4 scottish and 1/4 african and my dad is entirely portuguese. People assume both my parents are dark and everything but neither of them are. This is a picture of me:

If someone saw me they wouldnt know where I come from. I think people need to stop looking at someone and thinking they know where they come from. I went to Portugal and I began to speak portuguese to someone behind the counter and everyone was shocked that im a african girl speaking portuguese. In fact english isnt even my first language its portuguese. Honestly, I think everyone needs to stop judging by what you look like

I cant fight my curls
I cant control my curls
I really just let them roll free
What else can i do?

~I have curly curly 3c hair w/ some 4a up in little corners!
~I'm have a love affair with the Ojon Line and faithfully use Garnier Fructis Spray Gel.
~I love all my kinks, coils, and curls even when I wanna rip them out!
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