I got a little ambitious. I played around in graphics software and tried to duplicate Keri's cut shape with your hair. It's not that great a doctored photo (the National Inquirer isn't going to be beating down my door), but maybe you can glimpse what you may look like.

I think with your 3b curls, you need the length like Keri has in the photo you posted. I liked Keri's hair better at this length than shorter. When she initially cut it off, it looked poodle-ish. When she started growing it out, it got bigger before it got longer.

I wouldn't go too short or your 3b's will stick out. Keri's style here is a little softer than her hair is naturally, so she must be using a styling product to make her tight ringlets a little softer. I like the length.

Anyway, here's the edited photo attempt.

Sorry, but the resizing messed with the photo's quality. You will want to make sure the sides aren't too bulky. I took hair off the bottom and added a little volume to the sides to show the effect of the decreased length.

What do you think?