A Jewish woman with red hair told me that red naturally occurs in several ethic groups...Celtic (Irish/Scots), Jewish, Spanish -- which I didn't know -- and also Lithuanian. She said it was rare among other groups, though of course, all the ethnicities have mixed a lot so that's not as true as it was.
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I think the red hair in Spain is also due to the Celtic origins; the Celts were spread across the northermost parts of most European countries. Perhaps this is true of Lithuania, too.

Also, on the Jamaican front, there are so many people with red hair from Jamaica. Due to colonialism, a lot of people have Celtic ancestry, and have ended up with red hair.

Finally, the girl with "East Asian features" and red hair; that's not that rare either. Plenty of people of Russian ancestry, and also of some former USSR countries, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan come to mind, have the features I imagine you are describing coupled with red hair.

Luthien, as you're PR, it's likely you have some African ancestry contributing to your curliness, among your other roots.