Yeah, I have. I dunno what that is. I actually thought there were little crawlies of some sort in my hair, so I run to wash it. This usually only happens though if I really need to wash my hair or have a lot of product buildup on the scalp. Maybe it's the hair's/head's way of telling you you may have a little bit of buildup. Or maybe you just feel your hair growing. Or it's moving because the hair follicles are close to scalp muscle. I know it sounds crazy, but your scalp can move you know.
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I had that feeling if I worked out all week and my hair was dirty. (I only washed my hair once a month when it was relaxed.) However, since I have been natural that has not happened. I wash/rinse my hair at least once a week. I did see a Dateline though about people who had threads coming out of their skin and it felt like little bugs. They would scratch until it took out their hair.
Current Regimen: I am doing protective styles for the winter. Two Strand Twists and Twist Outs. Wet hair in the middle of winter is not cute.
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