I did. I really ended up not liking it. Or, I mean, it wasn't awful, it basically did what it's supposed to do, but it just wasn't worth it. The minute my roots started growing out, I decided I liked my curly hair way better.

And it's true when they say your relaxed hair (from this process) will NOT hold a curl (if you wanted to gel it or with a curling iron...yeah right).

It gave me really flat hair, and it just didn't look good.

It did, however, dry straight from wet. Although I had to brush it as it dried for it to come out straight. Anyway I only had about 3 good months, and then roots were back.

Now, I'm pretty good to my hair, hardly any heat, moisturize, etc., and all my breakage (I shouldn't have any!) is coming from the reconditioned parts of my hair.

Wouldn't recommend it.
3b/c, CG 9/18/08
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